There’s a sunny side to everything.

Real estate can be tough. This is especially true if you’re a buyer in this crazy Columbus market. There’s good news and bad news there: the good news is that Columbus is a REALLY good place to live. The bad news is that everyone wants to live here, that makes home inventory low, houses go into contract almost as quickly as they go on the market, and that makes for a very frustrating experience as a buyer.  I’m here to tell you, please know that if that good listing got away AGAIN, it was either not the right house for you, or not the right timing for you. I believe things- even bad, frustrating things- happen for a reason.

My first client was elderly, with limited mobility, searching in a very limited radius. It took three months and dozens of showings to find THE ONE, and we knew it when we walked in. We were devastated to find out that the condo went into contract while I was showing it to her. I accepted this as minor setback, knowing somehow it could work in our favor. Two weeks later, the listing agent called me saying that the buyers financing has fallen through, and asked would my client still want to write an offer? Well, we jumped on the chance, and since the condo had fallen out of contract three times already (due to financing), the sellers were READY to sell, at whatever cost. We ended up getting the condo for about $5000 less than what we had originally planned to offer. We just needed to wait those 2 weeks for the better outcome.

Another client took seven months and dozens of showings to find THE ONE. Along the way there were several THE ONE’s. The first was the right house, at the wrong time; her father passed within days of it appearing on the MLS. Another was in the right tax and school districts, just not the right style. Every house we saw narrowed the search further until THE ONE went live, with all the proverbial “boxes checked.” It was absolutely the best of all possible houses, the ideal house in the ideal location, worth waiting for. But you know what? There is no ‘perfect’ house, even with all the ‘boxes’ checked. Part of the joy of moving is accepting challenges and turning them into positive outcomes. It’s not the house that makes you happy, it’s living in it and focusing on the joys that happen within its walls.

So buyers, take heart. THE ONE is in your future. Until then, try to see the sunny side, and if you need help with that, just call me.

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