My experience as a solar consumer

I’ve been teaching workshops about residential solar energy for over a year now (next one is December 14th!), but it’s been just recently that I’ve been able to speak from first-hand experience. The process for going solar has been much easier than most people think. It’s actually been pretty painless.

Once I requested a quote from one of my vendors, I applied for an Ecolink Loan, a process that from application to approval took about 3 weeks. This is the beauty of Ecolink loans: I financed this solar installation AND my kitchen renovation at just 1.34% over five years. (!) The amount of interest I’m paying on this is negligible. When we closed on the loan, I almost felt naughty, like I got away with something.

Once the money was available, deposit was made, and the system was installed within two weeks. I got it up in time to get the 2017 30% federal tax credit which we’ll use to pay down the loan, further lowering the already-low loan interest. I wanted to get the system up before the tax credit expires in 2019, and well before tax reform threatened it altogether. If that happens, it would likely be before 2018 elections.

I also beat a potential increase in the price of solar panels, which may be coming due to proposed tariffs on imported panels.  This may increase the cost of panels up to 35% (about a $1500 to $2000 increase). This is expected to happen in the next few months, so I *just* beat that by starting the process in September.

THERE IS STILL TIME for you to start this process and have the system installed well before these two market changes occur. Asking for a quote now locks in the price of panels at today’s ultra-low rates. 2017 installation is not likely to happen this late in the year, but you would still receive the federal tax credit for 2018; you’d just have to wait a little longer for it.

I hate high-pressure sales both as a consumer and a professional. However, please know that if you’ve ever considered solar for your house or business, NOW is really the time to get it done, before you end up paying $7000 more than you needed to! I saved about that much by doing it now. Don’t wait.

If you’d like an estimate on solar, I only need two easy pieces of info: 1) your address to evaluate your site on aerial maps, and 2) the total # of kiloWatt hours used at your site in the last year. This number is typically found on page 2 or 3 of your electric bill, and typically ranges between 7,000 and 30,000.

Consultation and estimate is provided at no cost to you. Call/message me and let’s get started! 614-383-8379.


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