Home Expo 2019 Solar Seminar!

One of the biggest advantages of installing solar is the opportunity to finance another home renovation project at a super-low interest rate through the Ecolink Loan Program. For example, when my husband and I installed solar on our home in November 2018, we also renovated our kitchen, and financed both upgrades at 1.54%. You read that correctly. It’s not too good to be true, and yes, it does feel like free money! We held on to our capital, and diverted it to other uses. That kind of financial freedom is incredibly powerful. What you could you with the capital you have earmarked for a home renovation project? Go on vacation? Buy a car? Dream big, the possibilities are endless. Come to the Home Building and Renovation Show and see what home projects you could tackle with a Ecolink loan!

I’ll lead a seminar about solar energy at 11 am on Saturday, and you’ll learn about the Ecolink loan program, residential solar energy, and ways to unlock your money’s potential!

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