If you’re a Columbus homeowner thinking about selling, read this and consider selling soon.

Yesterday I had the honor of presenting five offers to a couple whose house had been on the market for only 4 days. As I was driving to the appointment, another offer flew in at the last minute. As we considered a half-dozen offers, thankfully one stood above the rest. The purchase price was well above list price, the buyers offered cash above the appraised value of the house, and closing was a swift 25 days away. This is what buyers are doing to win a bid in Columbus now.

What came next was surprisingly difficult. We had to choose a backup offer. The offers were so good, it was hard to choose. What a great problem to have!

All day long, my phone blew up with people excited about the outcome.

It’s springtime, and real estate season! This season winds down in mid-June when excitement about inventory starts to dwindle as back-to-school gets closer. People begin to realize that moving at the same time as school begins is a challenge they may not be willing to face. So if you’re thinking about selling, call me now, and let’s get it on the market! Who knows? There may be a half-dozen simultaneous offers in your future. 614-383-8379

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