Pandemic market is HOT!!

In March, Realtors were concerned that Covid-19 would halt the sellers market that has dominated Columbus for years. That has not turned out to be the case. Real estate is hotter than ever, and the glory days of multiple offers on the first day are not over! Case in point: my last Gahanna listing generated 7 offers in 48 hours, and sold for $10K above list price. Are you looking to sell? Start with a property valuation. That link will generate a property value range for your address. To narrow down a list price and strategize the optimization of your listing, call me at 614-383-8379. You can feel safe entering your contact info on the valuation link- it only goes to me, and I never share. Carleton Realty provides the highest level of professional service, so let’s get your real estate adventure started right!

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