Equinox: BEST Time to Assess for Solar

If you are considering solar panels at your house but have a partially-shaded site, don’t rule out solar just yet! Spring & fall equinox are excellent times to assess solar feasibility. I ask my clients to choose any sunny day during the week of equinox, & take photos of the south side of the property between noon & 1 pm. Both wide & close shots of the roof are helpful. If there is shade on the proposed area, 6 months of the year there will be less shade, 6 months of the year there will be more. Text your photos to me at 614-383-8379, along with the date & time they were taken. If advisable, I have at times recommended the removal of a few strategically-located branches to optimize efficiency of the array. Higher efficiency leads to greater generation, & faster ROI. Spring equinox is March 20, and Fall equinox is September 22. Send those pics to me today! 614-383-8379

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